About Frugal Cool

Frugal Cool was set up in 2008 to promote sustainability through creativity. In nine years, we've produced markets, exhibitions and classes, and taken part in festivals and pop-ups. We've set up shop on the high street, and campaigned online.
We work with creative people who want to develop their artistic business sustainably by manufacturing fairly, designing carefully and communicating truthfully.
Frugal Cool continues to use its unique experience and local insight to teach, share, inspire and involve.

Welcome to Frugal Cool

Sustainability has never looked so fine

Introducing Frugal Cool's Vintage Flea Market

An extended break from making and trading has given Frugal Cool Sustainable Design some time to rewind and rethink. Our love of vintage - now liberally sprinkled with comforting hygge - remains our inspiration and passion.
Our new Vintage Flea Market group on Facebook is a local place to sell and buy vintage, vintage-inspired and quality secondhand. Launched earlier this month, the group has over 100 members already. Most are local, some live further afield. We have just new sellers every day, and even a few sales. You can BROWSE, BUY and SELL.
A quick poll of new members last week revealed that Midcentury Modern and Scandinavian home styling are still our passion. And so, if you have something to sell, that's what our people are looking for. We'd love you to join us.
The work of creative reusers is also welcome. Here's a taster of what's been online recently.